Alright! So I make enough to pay bills & feed myself, so here’s a post to help make things a little easier. I’m a 19 year old trans boy that wants to transition medically, so this money will be going towards paying for my transition!

Sketch: Just a sketch, plain & simple. Any subject as long as abuse isn’t involved.

Bust: $8
+1 Character:

Simple Color: A sketch w/color as above, not much shading.

Bust: $10
Fullbody: $13
+1 Character: +$5

Clean Color: Cleaned up/Inked sketch, w/color & shading. Price goes up w/detail.

Bust: $15
Fullbody: $19
+1 Character: +$8

Simple Doodle: Simplified lineart w/a few colors, nothing complicated. Non-humanoid only, since I haven’t figured out a way to translate the style well for humans.

Fullbody: $5
+1 Character: +$2

Icon: A finished piece composed for a square.

Flat Fee: $10

Pieces, by default, are PNG files, & digital ones will be transparent. Single color backgrounds are free, simple patterned backgrounds are +$2. I’m not offering complex backgrounds.

If you’re in any of the communities I’m a part of, name it & I’ll give you a one dollar discount!

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I could be doing ten different productive things like eating or getting ready for work but instead I drew a furry.

More request from TDF.

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Imagining dæmons are real is great but perspective is hard.

Imagining dæmons are real is great but perspective is hard.

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All of my commissions so far JesUS @ least I’m learning to use this program.

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I love these guys so much but now I need to do commissions.

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Centaurs are lots of fun to draw I suggest everyone does it


Alright Chan, I got the gun, teeth, & strong legs babe all in one go. Probably do another teeth one though. I don’t care about inking it I just like the colors a lot. I’ll post more about this species later.


Opening up commissions on FR! Come check it out!

Batsona for dear sibling Maxwell!

Batsona for dear sibling Maxwell!